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As Coisas Que Me Chamam...

- Ana
- Aninhas
- Anita
- Beatriz
- Varela
- Bia
- Beatrizia
- Biazinha
- Bibi
- Ichigo
- Shindou
- Ichi
- Ichichi
- Go
- Chigo
- Ecchigo
- Nana
- Moranga
- Moranguinha
- Morango Mutante

Lista Incompleta e Por Completar

The Pato We Know And Love...

The Pato we know and love...

In the series, Pocoyo's good friend Pato is the kind of duck who likes things "just so".

He's very cautious - in fact you might say he was a little too upright for his own good. But, for all his caution and planning, things never seen to turn out the way he wants them to.

And that's the way we want him to stay!

Fun facts:

* Pato is a yellow duck who wears a small green bowler hat.
* He is also a good friend of Pocoyo.
* Pato means duck in Spanish.
* He loves flowers, and adores being clean!
* A very good Vamoosh pilot.
* Is very clever, and is always kind.
* Gets frightened quiet quickly!
* Has his own Postal Service in the episode: Pato's Postal Service.
* Loves having adventures with Pocoyo and Elly.

About Pato

Full name: Pato
Gender: Boy
Species: Duck
Date of Birth: Pocoyoland
Education: Bottany / Postal

Se o Amanhã, Perdido For, Overdose de Pavor.

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You Never Know What I Am Thinking.
So Quite It.
I Won.

quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009


Engraçado... Não como desde as 13h.. e não tenho fome nenhuma...
Será possivel que ainda não acabe? Haverá mais? Não acredito que haja pior que isto...


Nem por isso.
A dor para se imaginar é preciso senti-la primeiro.

Que acabe depressa.
Por favor.

Que o Sol brilhe e me mostre que é possivel.

Por favor...

To Anyone Who Visits

I'd appreciate just a simple comment.
Thank You

Here's a fucking funny video as a reward

Troll: OMG RAPE HER!!! 8D

Just Be Friends

Hurts like hell's fire...

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Um Pequeno Presente

Grau de felicidade(-10/10):

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The Way I Feel... I Do Not Wish This To Anyone...

[Miku Hatsune] For You, For Me. [Original]


But Still

I'll Be Always The Princess Of My World. And You, My Prince.

domingo, 22 de novembro de 2009

I'm Still Here

I am a question to the world
Not an answer to be heard
Or a moment that's held in your arms

And what do you think you'd ever say
I won't listen anyway
You don't know me
And I'll never be what you want
Me to be

And what
Do you think you'd understand
I'm boy, no, I'm a man
You can't take me
And throw me away

And how
Can you learn what's never shown
Yeah, you stand here on your own
They don't know me
'Cause I'm not here

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong

And how can the world want me to change
They're the ones that stay the same
They don't know me
'Cause I'm not here

And you see the things they never see
All you wanted - I could be
Now you know me
And I'm not afraid

And I want to tell you who I am
Can you help me be a man
They can't break me
As long as I know who I am

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong

And how can the world want me to change
They're the ones that stay the same
They can't see me
But I'm still here

They can't tell me who to be
'Cause I'm not what they see
Yeah, the world is still sleepin' while I keep on dreaming for me
And their words are just whispers and lies that I'll never believe

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong

And how can you say I'll never change
They're the ones that stay the same
I'm the one now
'Cause I'm still here

I'm the one
'Cause I'm still here
I'm still here
I'm still here
I'm still here

I Will...

... Never Forget...


Já alguma vez pensaste
Que eu sempre estive aqui?

Sempre e Sempre

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Law of Attraction

The phrase Law of Attraction, used widely by New Thought writers, refers to the idea that thoughts influence chance. The Law of Attraction argues that thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) can affect things outside the head, not just through motivation, but by other means. Essentially, "if you really want something and truly believe it's possible, you'll get it", but putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you don't want means you'll probably get that too.

Widespread popular interest for the Law of Attraction reached its peak after the release of the The Secret, a 2006 film by Australian television writer and producer Rhonda Byrne. Byrne followed up the film with a bestselling book of the same title and appeared on a series of talk shows in 2007.

Along with analysis of the efficacy of prayer, many seeking an understanding or confirmation have observed that many of the Law's claims to be impossible without violating scientific principles and a scientific understanding of the universe.

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The Real Rules Of The Internet

(Click for better resolution)

i. You can't the square root of a negative integer.

-8. combo breaker i am the combo breaker. the combo breaker is the law and the law is the law so who say you? combo breaker or combo breaker? combo breaker combo! breaker! combo breaker! so its now or never!

-7. /b/ is not your friend. No exceptions.


-5. No moar negative rules.

-4. Rule 210. must be followed or you are breaking rule 100. No exceptions.

-3. Every rule above 100 must be followed. No exceptions.

-2. Never cuss any canadians.

-1. Rule 0 does not exist.

0. There are no rules after 0.

1. Do not talk about /b/

2. Do NOT talk about /b/

2.1337. You can't edit rule 2, newfags. 2.13337. By editing rule 2 you will never have sex in your life. EVER. No exceptions.

3. We are Anonymous.

3.14159265358979323846... . Expect us.

4. Anonymous is legion.

5. Anonymous does not forgive, Anonymous does not forget.

6. Anonymous can be a horrible, senseless, uncaring monster.

7. Anonymous is still able to deliver.

8. There are no real rules about posting.

9. There are no real rules about moderation either — enjoy your ban.

10. If you enjoy any rival sites — DON'T.

11. All your carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored.

12. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

13. Anything you say can be turned into something else. - fixed

14. Do not argue with trolls — it means that they win.

15. The harder you try, the harder you will fail.

16. If you fail in epic proportions, it may just become a winning failure.

17. Every win fails eventually.

18. Everything that can be labeled, can be hated.

19. The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.

20. Nothing is to be taken seriously.

21. Original content is original only for a few seconds before getting old.

22. Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality.

23. Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality.

24. Every repost is always a repost of a repost.

25. Relation to the original topic decreases with every single post.

26. Any topic can be turned into something totally unrelated.

27. Always question a person's sexual preferences without any real reason.

28. Always question a person's gender - just in case it's really a man.

29. On the internet, all girls are men, and all kids are undercover FBI agents.

30. There are NO girls on the internet.

31. TITS or GTFO - the choice is yours.

32. You must have pictures to prove your statements.

33. Lurk moar — it's never enough.

34. There is porn of it, no exceptions.

35. If no porn is found of it, it will be made.

36. There will always be more fucked up shit than what you just saw.

37. You can not divide by zero (just because the calculator says so).

38. No real limits of any kind apply here — not even the sky



41. Desu isn't funny. Seriously guys. It's worse than Chuck Norris jokes.

42. Nothing is Sacred.

43. The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.

44. Even one positive comment about Japanese things can make you a weeaboo.

45. When one sees a lion, one must get into the car

46. There is furry porn of it. No exceptions.

47. The pool is always closed due to AIDS (and stingrays, which also have AIDS).

48. A cat is fine too.

49. One cat leads to another.

50. Another cat leads to Zippo Cat.

51. No matter what it is, it is somebody's fetish. No exceptions.

52. It is delicious cake. You must eat it.

53. It is delicious trap. You must hit it.

54. /b/ sucks today.

55. If you have time to make up new rules, you have no life.

56. They will not bring back Snacks.

57. You will never have sex.

58. It needs more Desu. No exceptions.

59. Fuck Gaston.

60. It needs more pumpkin. No exceptions.

61. Chuck Norris is the exception to Rule #63, no exceptions or else.

62. It has been cracked and pirated. No exceptions.

63. There are female versions of all male characters. No Exceptions.

64. Don't copy that floppy

65. Anonymous is not your personal army.

66. The cake is a lie.

67. Anonymous does not "buy", he downloads.

68. Milhouse will never be a meme. Ever. No matter what your post ends with. No exceptions. Ever. No.


70. Do not talk about the 100M GET failure.


72. Chuck Norris is your father. No exceptions.

73. If there isn't enough just ask for Moar.

74. If you post it, they will cum.

75. Rule 75 is a lie. OH SHI-

76. Twinkies are the answers to life's problems.

77. The internet makes you stupid.

78. It will always need moar sauce.

79. Ceilingcat IS watching you masturbate.

80. Ebaums did it. No exceptions.

81. Anonymous is a virgin by default.

82. Nobody tells the truth on the Internet.

83. Only clusterfucks start edit wars.

84. All rules aren't true, including this one.

84-B. Sub-rules are forbidden.

85. Rules 1, 2, 34, and 35 are exeptions to rule 84.

86. The term "sage" does not refer to the spice.

87. If you say Candlejack, you w

88. Anonymous rules the internet. No exceptions.

89. Mitchell Henderson was an hero to us all.

90. It's never lupus.

91. There is gay porn of it, no exceptions.

92. Chuck Norris is the exception to rule 91. No exceptions.

93. Go fuck yourself.


95. Anonymous did NOT, under any circumstances, tk him 2da bar|?

96. If you express astonishment at someone's claim, it is most likely just a clever ruse.

97. The government, The CIA, Everything is a lie.

98. Only Zippocat is truth.

99. All numbers are at least 100 but always OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND.

100. Faggotry will not be tolerated.

101. You are never THE BEST suck at anyeverything, deal with it.

102. You are made of fail and AIDS.

103. That's not mud.

104. The internet is for porn.


106. Rule 109 is true.

107. "That's what she said" jokes are stupid


109. Rule 106 is false.

110. If your statement is preceded by "HAY GUYZ", then you're doing something wrong.

111. If you cannot understand it, it is machine code.

112. What you click isn't always what you get.

113. Gamestop does NOT have Battletoads. But ask anyway.

114. Secure tripcodes are for fags.

115. If someone herd u liek Mudkipz, deny it constantly for the lulz.

116. Combo breakers are inevitable. If the combo is completed successfully, it is gay.

117. Always go out of your way to make newbies feel uncomfortable.

118. Newfags must be tortured to death. No exceptions.

119. Only newfags like caturday, Chuck Norris, and Desu fuck with The Rules.

120. Nobody likes you.

121. Co$ is the sworn enemy of Anonymous. It must be stopped.

122. There is NO God here (Except Chuck Norris).

123. 456789

124. When Anonymous is surprised, bricks must be shat.

125. If you have no bricks to shit, you are made of fail and AIDS.

126. shaMTV must give Rick his award. No exceptions.

127. No NewFaggots aloud.

128. Everything you know is a lie, but all those lies are nothing. So by using the transitive property we can conclude that everything = nothing and if you add an integer (x) into the equation we can single anything out and turn it into a certain amount of nothing explained by this graph e = everything n = nothing

| _
| ___/ \
e| ____/ \
|/ \

As you can see, at a certain point of everything, nothing cannot exist. So in conclusion, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

129. BOTS will be dismantled.

130. Internet = Very Scary

131. Whatever it is, pie is involved in some form. No exceptions.

132. If it can't be killed, it doesn't exist. (Except Chuck Norris) No other exceptions.

133. If you met your girlfriend/boyfriend online then you are dating a one armed lady hooker named Steve.(Unless there is webcam involved, then his name is John.)

134. If it talks, you must shut it up.

135. Myspace is for thirteen year old girls and people who fit the description of Rule # 133.

136. _uck _ou_self solve it.

137. Tuck yourself in. Is the answer.

138. Rule 139 does/will not exist.

139. Rule 138 is true.

140. XKCD can explain everything. explain it or it goes.

141. Godmodding is retarded. Seriously just accept your death.

142. Just ignore him he will think you're afk.

143. If you ignore her, she will bitch.

144. People can't understand sarcasm.

145. If you take it seriously gtfo.

146. Stop giving the mic a blowjob.

147. Regardless, if you get pissed on teamspeak there is someone that has muted themselves just so they can laugh at you.

148. You don't get any cookies. No exceptions. So don't even ask.

149. Brandon is God's son, making him Jesus. Chuck Norris has no son.

150. You are not going to get a handicap so don't even ask. They will just target you.

151. You will not get a free Xbox 360/Playstation 3/iPhone so don't even get your hopes up.

152. They didn't call you retarded but they were thinking it.

153. It's funny to pick on people's grammar no matter how good it is. No exceptions.

154. The louder you scream at people the harder someone else will laugh.

155. They don't have hacks, you just suck really bad.

156. If you want to know who anonymous is then GTFO!

157. Someone already did it better. No exceptions.

158. It was in an episode of South Park. No exceptions.

159. The more you deny something the more they are going to say that you are "something".

160. Google ftw. No exceptions.

161. The guy next to you in the library is always looking at what you are saying.

162. The girl next to you in the library couldn't give a shit.

163. There's a reason- you know what? Fuck it. If you can't figure it out, you seriously need to LURK MOAR.

164. Refer to step 2 on Rule #165.

165. Refer to step 3 on Rule #93.

166. People who get depressed on the internet need a better use of time.

167. Fleshlights are the answers to life's problems. No exceptions.

168. If you pretend that you are drunk people will just think you're retarded because no one can act drunk on the internet.

169? Nah I'll have 2 69s.

170. None of us is as cruel as all of us.

171. At any given moment, more birds could join, leave, or peel off in another direction entirely.

172. Use inside jokes moar. It upsets users.

173. STFU! Before i go chris brown on you!

174. Only 4chan'rs unsuspecting victims hate Rick Astley.

175. The talk page is for spam. Don't go there.

176. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks children with the last name of Edgerton.

177. Tropicana tastes like the rainbow. No exceptions

178. Shadow sticks are fun to play with in the dark. Unless there are more than 3.

179. Refer to all unwritten rules. No exceptions.

180. For every life the internet improves it destroys 10 others.

181. Anything that's good is a virus.

182. We better start helping the earth, otherwise Al Gore will take back the internets!!! NO MORE BROADBAND! NO DIALUP!

183. If i have 3 cakes and you have one cake, only here you have no cake and I have 3 ps3's

184. The only potty training videos allowed are ones that feature tigers and are japanese in nature (english subtitles are acceptable)

185. The Internet and Golf are quite similar they both were invented for men to get away from woman, except the internet has porn.

186. Newfags must be shot in the balls on site. No exceptions

188. If none of these rules are followed/obliged to then Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick you to Mars.

189. Bukkake is not cool. Never was. Never will be. EVER!!

190. The only good hentai is yuri, thats how the internet works.

191. You will always forget to add an attachment to your e-mails.

192. If you break rule 1 and 2. You will be rickroll'd in hell.

193. If you break rule 188. You will be spanked by Chuck Norris. In heaven. No exceptions.

194. If you break rule 2, Chuck Norris will tickle your pubes.

195. People called Fred are just Fail. No Exceptions.

196. People named Tony are just win. No Exceptions.

197. People named Matty are just sexy. No and I mean no Exceptions.

198. If it's not on Google, It doesn't exist. No Exceptions.

199. "???? PROFIT!" must always be at the bottom, newfags.

200. Pictures or it didn't happen.

201. Maths in failing:

Win + Fail = Epicfail
Fail + Fail = Win
Win + Win = Fail
Epicfail + Epicfail = Chuck Norris

No exceptions

202. Anontalk is a bunch of fags. No exceptions.

203. If you run out of cookies, give apples, If you run out of apples, Give Spam. No exceptions.

204. NEVER shoot anybody in the balls. No exceptions.

205. Americans are fat. No exceptions.

206. Any breaking of pi will result in pi being broken. No one knows the consequenses. You have been warned.

207. Rules 1 and 2 are false. From now on, all rules must be about /b/. Unless they aren't.

208. Rules 1, 2 and 206 are false. /b/ does not exist.

209. See rule 208.

210. See rule 209.

211. srt8 must not marry MITB. No exceptions.

212. 4chan sucks. No exceptions.

213. Your mother is behind you. No exceptions, unless she isn't.

214. In case of an emergency, your emergency exit can be found in the top right corner of your screen. No, and i promise you, NO exceptions.

215. Rule 213 is false. Do not click that button.

216. 3, is the magic number.... 3, is the magic number.... NO EXCEPTIONS!

217. Creator of 4chan is gay. No exceptions.

218. Porn must only be looked at when porn is needed.

219. Google is not a calculator



222. Matt has a girlfriend. No Exceptions

223. Only faggots post rules above "PROFIT!". No Exceptions.

224. All rules above "PROFIT!" don't count. No Exceptions.

225. The Simpsons already did it. South Park already did it better. NO EXCEPTIONS

226. If a statement may be taken sexually in any way, then she already said it. No exceptions.

227. Creed is the worst band in the world. No exceptions

228. None of these rules apply to this wiki. No exceptions.

229. You never see the porn first, even if you made or drew it. No exceptions.

230. Hentai is you friend. No exceptions.

231. The number of friends you have on facebook does not indicate the number of friends you have in reallife. no exceptions.

232. You cannot control the person in charge. No exceptions.

233. The person in charge only wants to make your life miserable. No exceptions.

234. Rule 186 is the only exception to rule 204

234. ????

235. PROFIT!

299. This is blasphemy, this is madness. No exceptions

300. 299 is a lie. This is sparta. No exceptions.

404. This rule was not found.

666. Humanity is evil. No exceptions.

9001. It's over 9000. No exceptions.

【MikuFes09 - ミクフェス/ミクFES】-The World is Mine

So many neggis!!!

quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009

quarta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2009

Hatsune Miku Android

[YAMAHA & CFM & Industrial Research Institute: DISKLAVIER & HRP-4C] Vocaloid


Terminator model T100

Yamaha VocaLoid Humanoid Robot

This Vocaloid Robot was presented at the Sekai Camera booth. Its creators have worked on making the skin, facial expressions and the lip to synchronize in tandem with whatever it verbalizes. Right now, the head is the only body part that moves and she still looks very “plastic” (Terminator model T100), but it’s always a cool thing to watch. They should work with Honda to put her head on Asimo – now that would be weird. All the lipsync smartness is done on a remote server and sent back to the robot for execution. Apparently, the nearby piano was driven by the same application. This is part of Yamaha’s “Play iT” tech demo.


Hug me again...
Os meus olhos doem
Esforçam-se sem eu querer
Sinto uma dor na barriga
Mas não é por isso que estou assim

Apetece-me esconder a cara
Da vergonha que sinto
Não sentia isto há muito tempo

As minhas lágrimas salgadas
Preenchem a minha cara
De cara molhada
Tento dar o meu melhor sorriso

É dificil
Já sabia
Mas não queria saber
Porque o que vai nem sempre volta

Não quero

E agora?...

-音楽箱- Ongakubako (Caixa de Música)

Olha, ainda te lembras?
Sob a árvore da montanha
Fizemos uma caixa pequena de madeira
Com memórias daquele Verão.

Desde esse dia,
quanto tempo voa
Este sentimento dentro de mim, eu queria dizer-te
E eu ainda o mantenho fechado.

Sempre e sempre eu continuei a esperar
Naquele lugar em que costumavamos jogar
Ao ver as luzes desaparecerem.

Apoiando-me no meu sonho naquela noite eu fechei os olhos
Por favor, não me deixes sozinha
Desesperada, ouvi a voz
Eu quero vê-lo, pelo menos, mais uma vez.

Naquele dia eu ouvi a tua voz
Podia estar misturada no branco do vento
Com as memórias que iam fluindo.

Eu ainda não me esqueci de quando dávamos as mãos
Tínhamos feito uma promessa de que iriamos estar juntos para sempre
"Adeus", sem ser capaz de o dizer
Tinha anunciado ao final do dia de Verão.

O sonho que tínhamos criado durante a nossa infância tornou-se num vento
E voltou para o lugar que tinhamos prometido
"Eu amo-te" as palavras que tu tinhas deixado
Com a melodia das memórias.

terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2009

Breaking News!! - New VOCALOID (ボーカロイド)

New Vocaloid Kaai Yuki And Hiyama Kiyoteru By AH-Software, New Demo Song for “Project if…”

Click for better resolution

Following the news that there will be two new Vocaloid that will be released along with miki, information from Hatsune Miku Miku blog has finally revealed the identities of the new Vocaloid as more information will be provided.

Kaai Yuki (歌愛ユキ), one of the two new Vocaloid pictured as a elementary school girl, recreates a girl’s pure and lovely singing voice and actual elementary school students have been hired to produce the voice for her.

Hiyama Kiyoteru (氷山キヨテル), pictured as a “sensei” or teacher, reproduces the voice of an adult male, one with true talents and ability. Teacher Vocaloid “VOCALOID2 Hiyama Kiyoteru” is an outstanding VOCALOID influenced by an good singer’s voice based on VOCALOID development. With a stored extensive library, new methods of sound recording allows for high precision when reproducing the singing voice. Unique to adult males, the treble is clean and you can make a healing/comforting singing voice using a deep voice.

They will be released together with Miki on December 4th 2009 at a retail price of 15,000 (15,750 with taxes included) yen each. You can head over to AH-Software to view more information about Furukawa Miki, Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru.

Crypton has posted a new demo song for “Project if…” titled “Boy” by ToraborutaP.
At the same time Crypton has set up a Twitter account specially for “Project if…” so you may want to follow them on Twitter for the latest updates. Also, Crypton has noted in the blog entry that the new Vocaloid software by AH-Software is by no means related to “Project if…” in any way.

Info source: 初音ミクみく, Crypton, Vocaloidism

Now you know what you want for x-Mas :3


KAITOにバスト占いの歌を歌わせてみた - Kaito ni basto uranai no uta wo utawasetemiata
(I made KAITO to sing "A song of favorite breasts").

Singer: KAITO
Lyrics: Tom Miyazaki 

Acup, Bcup, Ccup, Dcup,
Ecup, Fcup, Gcup and Hcup.
Which cup do you like best in these 8 sizes?

The one who loves F cup is very openhearted.
You're the one who can't hide what you think.
But you're hoping too much.
So just face up to reality.

"Then, E ."
The one who loves E cup is a little sensible.
You're a little more clever than who loves F cup.
But you're a daydreamer, too.
So just be more experienced.

The one who loves D cup is much more sensible.
You are a little cooler than who loves E cup.
If you know that much, you'll get to the right answer soon.

"Then, C."
The one who loves C cup is so close to the right answer.
Your choice is alomost the best.
But quite a few women are A or B.
So you must be careful.

Boots you choose will greatly influence the rest of your life.
It's just like choosing the way right or left at the road branched into two like boots.

The one who loves B cup is evasive.
Your answer is noncommittal.
You'll say, "I don't really care about thesize, but..."
You're trying to play it safe.

The one who loves A cup is too timid.
You may have no confidence in yourself.
Don't be afraid of boots.
Just be more brave.

The one who loves G cup or H cup
should know the larger isn't the better.
Or you'll have to fight against almost all women in the world!

We've seen so many boots,
but all I want to say is
it's no good to choose a woman by her breasts.


(Back chorus is singing,
"Boots, boots, boots, boots, I love them.")

-Boots stands for breasts or boobies.-

New PVs Realesed!! 2009.Nov.17 - VOCALOID (ボーカロイド)

[Miku Hatsune] sometime [original]
[Miku Hatsune] 「Mata Itsuka」 [original]
music: nicol

Permission was obtained from the author.

[Luka Megurine] For B.G.M. [original]
music: DaifukuP

Permission was obtained from the author.

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【SF-A2】± (Plus Minus)【Code Name miki】

Code Name miki - SF-A2 (Demo)
SF-A2 開発コード miki

Music Demo - SF-A2 Miki- RELEASED!!!
Uploaded in Nov.15.2009
Made by Bucchigiri-P

Illustration by Bucchigiri-P

(Original title)
"【SF-A2 miki】大正九年 - 東洋の脳ミソ(1番のみテスト)"
([SF-A2 miki] Taishou Kyuunen - The Oriental brain (One chorus for a test))

This song was originally made and sung by "Taishou Kyuunen" in 2003.


Bucchigiri-P seems to have been given the prerelease version of the new Vocaloid "SF-A2 miki".
He produced Rin version of this song in Jan.20,2008. And he replaced Rin's voice with miki's voice in this video for a test.
Bucchigiri-P is good at making Vocaloid song at Techno-pop music. "Byakkoya no Musume"(Kaito) and "Bucchigiri ni Shiteageru"(Rin) that became a big hit are his works.

New PVs Realesed 2009.Nov.16 - VOCALOID

[Kagamine Len, KAITO, Gakupo Kamui] "Fate: Rebirth" [Original songs with PV]
music: natsuP (SCL)

Reprinted from Nikoniko.

Hatsune Miku, Luka Megurine, Rin Kagamine [ORIGINAL MEDLEY] "Infinite ∞ HOLiC"
music: cosMo @ BousouP (runaway P)

Reprinted from Nikoniko.

Luka Megurine "FAMICOM Girl" [ORIGINAL with PV]
music: Ichikura, illustration: Noro Sasagawa (leather by Ro)

Reprinted from Nikoniko.

music:M@ASATOSHI(A_RukaP,あルカP), illustration:Hiji(ヒジ)

domingo, 15 de novembro de 2009

-Furukawa Miki (フルカワミキ)- SF-A2 - New Vocaloid Announced - 2009.18.Nov

It seems we will be having a new Vocaloid joining us, and this time round it’s not by Crypton or Internet. Information from HEARTFAST mentions that an X’mas song album from HEARTFAST and Yamaha A&R titled “VOCALOIDS★X’MAS” featuring the new Vocaloid will be released on November 18th 2009 at a price of 2,500 yen.

Here’s the songlist for the album:

1. Hakkoutai no Rudy / BucchigiriP
2. Hello Hello・Hello Hello / Yuuyu
3. This Christmas / Dixie Flatline
4. Christmas Carol ga Owareba / Kobayashi Onxy & KTG (Aliced Twilightz)
5. Presenter / sasakure.UK
6. Oratorio / Captain Mirai
7. Christmas Eve / awk
8. Ave Maria: Schubert / MariaP
9. Holy Night Rider / Toraboruta
10. white light/white heat / Sherdock
11. Christmas Eve / XXX RESIDENTS

The ordering for the new Vocaloid software (it’s likely to be Miki, but still not confirmed yet) will start in December 2009 and apparently the illustraton is by someone called Kozaki Yuusuke. Miki (or "SF-A2 miki") is the new Vocaloid2, voiced by Furukawa Miki. She has long red hair with a funky ahoge, red eyes and doll joints.

Her standard outfit consists of a furry blue headset with pink microphone, blue gloves and a sort of futuristic-looking one-piece mini-dress, striped socks that go somewhere between knee- and thighhighs, and boots.

Here are some pictures (Click on the images for better resolution):

New PV Realesed 2009.Nov.15 - VOCALOID (ボーカロイド)

Dosshin Yukai - Hatsune Miku
Uploaded in Nov.15.2009
Made by inokix

(Original title)
([Parody] Futome Niku "Meltbump" [Gaining weight])

This is a parody of "Roshin Yuukai" which was originally made by iroha(sasaki) in Dec.12.2008.
(Original)(Previous ver.)(Dec.20.2008)

This is a song about "Futome Niku" who is this author's original fat character. She loves eating very much.

A Esperança Guardada Numa Caixinha De Musica

Não Te Suporto

Farta de ti e das tuas provocações
Farta de ti e das tuas infantilidades
Farta de ti e das tuas acções que só não magoam a ti
Farta de ti e das tuas mentiras
Farta de ti e do teu corpo
Farta de ti e da tu existencia
Farta de ti e das tuas atitudes
Farta de ti e da dor que me provocas
Farta de ti
Farta de ti
Farta de ti
Farta de ti!!!!!!!!!!!!

sábado, 14 de novembro de 2009

quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2009

A Vontade De Não Ter Vontade

É mesmo fodido.
Não querer, mas ter que ser.
Querer e não puder...
E lá vem o destino rir-se mais um pouco das figuras tristes que eu faço...


... Destino, és um bimbo.

When I Fall In A Depressing Sleep

quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2009

I Don't Love You And Will Never Love... Anymore.

É mau viver numa mentira. E pior que isso é fazeres os outros acreditarem na tua mentira. A letra desta musica há-de-te fazer entender o que sinto.


Mais que muito.

terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009


Mais vale só que extremamente mal-acompanhada
Pena que nem toda a gente pense assim...
Magoam por querer e sem querer
E um dia, pagaram por o que fizeram...

Ris-te de mim
Um dia será a minha vez...

Saberá tão bem
Melhor que te dar um pontapé nos tomates
Quando ficares doente para sempre
E me disseres: "Bem me avisaste"

E sabes o que me deixa mal?
Seres estupido e burro, ao ponto de dizeres duas coisas diferentes na mesma frase...
Defenderes alguém que já te magou
E magoares-me, eu que devo ter sido a melhor pessoa que entrou na tua vida.

Não tenho nada a ver com a tua vida
Mas quando te lixares
Fica à minha espera
Eu vou-me rir na tua cara.

E não penses que voltarei
Só de saber que enfiaste o apendice num buraco cheia de sida
Deixa-me enjoada e com vontade de te dar um pontapé no olho do cú.

Vou encontrar a pessoa perfeita
Se não encontrar, fico sozinha
Mas, mais uma vez, mais vale sozinha
Que estremamente mal-acompanhada.

segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009

Ouji-sama, ouji-sama!!

Anata wa doko? :'(

L'Amour Est La Fin

Now is the time of our comfort and plenty
These are the days we've been working for
Nothing can touch us and nothing can harm us
Nothing goes wrong anymore

Singing a song with your feet on the dashboard
A cigarette streaming into the night
These are the things that I want to remember
I want to remember you by

Won't come again, cus love is the end
Oh no my friend, love is the end

I took off my clothes and I ran to the ocean
Looking for somewhere to start anew
When I was drowning in that holy water
All I could think of was you

Oh my friend love is the end
So best not pretend, cus love is the end

Take it back, don't let it die
Oh rage against the fall of night
Cus I still do depend on you
Don't say those words that run me through

Oh love is the end
So let’s not pretend, cus love is the end

And so I tread the only road
The only road I know
Nowhere to go but home
Nowhere to go
Maybe our time is up
But still you can’t abandon
All the principles of love
Don’t say those words

Oh, don’t say those words
Don’t say those words
Don’t say those words

Música: Love Is The End by Keane

domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009


I wonder what's it like over there?
If you get there alright
I'd like a letter or something
Opened the door and
To you who are going away beyond
This singing voice and prey could
Reach you, I hope

(Sky) with out one cloud
Bottomless clear sky (day like) today
Is almost sad,
It's just the day for parting
(Touched through one) ordinary life
As if coloring them scarlet
It was (such) a Yielding love
Was (such) a Yielding love


Maybe one day again
If I could believe we'll meet again
Days from now on too
Without change
We can get by

When the door shuts
We are right on to be apart
(Then) Smoke of you
Will be a cloud then rain
(Touched through one) ordinary life
As if coloring them scarlet
It was (such) a Yielding love
Was (such) a Yielding love


Autor: Kobayashi onyx
Música: SAIHATE(Farthest End)

Mon Monde Parfait - Ma Vie Parfait

Um dia sonhei
Que numa noite acordei
Que iria chegar a tarde
Que nunca esperei.

Saber quem sou
Saber onde vou
Isso é tão dificil
Como quando a minha vida começou.

Só em sonhos e magias
Pensamentos e alegrias
Até agora nada foi realizado
Continua a ser uma alegoria.

Fantasias e imaginação
Tudo dentro do meu coração
Sabendo que é impossivel
Ter um acto de abdicação.

Descrever-te era pecado
Pedir-te um sorriso emprestado
E durante toda a minha vida procurar-te-ei
Para que um dia como rei do meu coração sejas coroado.

O meu mundo perfeito
Imagino-o no meu leito
Enquanto espero por ti
Sem maleita nem defeito.

A minha vida perfeita
Torta e direita
Com um anjo ao meu lado
Sem defeito nem maleita.

Kissing a Frog

An old fairytale told me
The simple heart will be prized again
A toad will be our king
And ugly ogres our heroes

Then you'll shake
Your fist at the sky
"Oh why did I rely
On fashions and small fry?"

All promises broken
Feed your people or lose your throne
And forfeit your whole kingdom
I'd sooner lose it than still live in it alone

You were our golden child
But the gentle and the mild
Inherit the earth, while

Your prince's crown
Cracks and falls down
Your castle hollow and cold
You've wandered so far
From the person you are
Let go brother, let go
Cos now we all know

Soon, someone will put a spell on you
Perfume, treasure, sorcery, every trick they know
You will lie in a deep sleep
That's when

Your prince's crown
Cracks and falls down
Your castle hollow and cold
You've wandered so far
From the person you are
Let go brother, let go
Cos now we all know

Texto: The Forg Prince by Keane

sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009


Se o teu namorado
Sabe contas de somar,
Não lhe contes o passado
Porque tens muito que contar.

Juras amor ao primeiro
Juras amor ao segundo,
O teu coração faz-me lembrar
Um poço sem fundo.

Poema: Popular
Imagem: Goodbye my love by Alephunky

quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

By The River - 27-Out-2009

By the river
You and me
Seeking flowers
And drinking tea

By the time
I'm supposed to go
The only thing you say
Is "Please, no..."

By the river
Me and you
Packing everything
It's time to go

By the way
Let me tell you
The waves of that river
Are like the love I feel for you

A Minha Primeira Vez

Passei que tempos a editar o layout do blogue para ficar assim... nada de especial!