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[VY2] Male Voice?

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Acording to Vocaloid Wiki, like VY1 was confirmed "Feminine", VY2 has been confirmed to be a "Masculine" voice. VY2 will share the same intention as VY1 of being a Vocaloid without set gender, face or voice.

[New Vocaloid] Utatane Piko - 歌手音ピコ (Finally a Male Vocaloid!)

There will be a new Vocaloid joining the family and this time round Sony Music has decided to join in the market. This Vocaloid will be distributed under Sony Music Distribution and the name for the Japanese male Vocaloid (utilizing the Vocaloid2 engine) will be known as Utatane Piko (歌手音ピコ) The kanji for "Utatane" literally means "sound of singer". For those wondering Piko is a popular singer on Nico Nico Douga with his community here. Piko is known for his high pitch and woman-like voice, and his Vocaloid will also has wider range than any other existing Vocaloids.

He is expected to be released on December 8th 2010 at a price of 15,750 yen (tax included) and you can pre-order the software over at Sony Music Shop.

Piko's voice sample

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[Hatsune Miku] News on the Newspaper!

A British newspaper "Metro" has featured Hastune Miku in an article!

Miku is a computer application but that hasn’t stopped her from conquering the music world by playing to thousands at live concerts and getting millions of hits on YouTube.Technically, she is a virtual music synthesiser programme which uses technology called Vocaloid to allow PC users to create their own music. Hatsune is a character from the Vocaloid series developed by Yamaha.

The software gives you ‘a singer in a box’, enabling users to synthesise singing by typing in lyrics and a melody. Users can add effects and change the voice tone and pronunciations.

Although intended for musicians, Vocaloid is popular with video artists. Japanese company Crypton Future Media took the technology and created the Miku avatar in 2007.

The name is made up of the Japanese for ‘first’ (hatsu), ‘sound’ (ne) and ‘future’ (miku). So now you know. She rose to popularity through the website Nico Nico Douga (smile smile video), a Japanese equivalent of YouTube. Users began making their own music using Miku and lent her voice to existing songs.

Miku’s voice is sampled from Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita. Different versions of the voice are available – from gentle to heartbroken.

Read more:

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2010年09月29日 22:51 投稿
Title: "Destruction" - Nekomura Iroha (猫村いろは)
Music: 夜鳴夜叉
Ilustration: WeatherH

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[Hatsune Miku] English Version?!

Recently it was made known during the “Hatsune Miku: Meet the Makers of a Digital Idol” panel over at New York Comic Con/New York Anime Festival 2010 with regards to the future plans for Miku and the rest of Crypton Vocaloids in the US according to the co-creators of Vocaloid, Hiroyuki Ito and Wataru Sasaki.

We could even have a English version of Miku in the future.

Plans for a English Miku to be materialized provided her Facebook has more than 39,390 likes.
(39 could be pronounced as “Miku” or “Sankyu” in Japanese, which means “Thank You” in English)

Kagamine Appends scheduled to be released in December 2010.

Possibility of a Vocaloid shop opening in the US should there be enough demand for it.

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VY2 To Be Released This Year!

Currently nothing is known about it. However as it is part of the "VY" series, VY2 will share the same intention as VY1 of being a Vocaloid without set gender, face or voice.

VY2 is a Vocaloid due for release later this year.

[Petition] Hatsune Miku Goes to New York

On October 1st, ANN announced that Hatsune Miku has two more concerts, another one in San Francisco, and one in New York:

The Viz Cinema in San Francisco’s Japantown district has scheduled a October 11 screening of virtual idol Hatsune Miku’s “film concert” with the idol’s creator as an in-person special guest. The show is billed as an “encore” to the previous screening of the concert, Hatsune Miku’s first official U.S. appearance, at the September 19 J-Pop Summit Festival. The New York Anime Festival has also scheduled a screening of the concert for this year’s event, which takes place October 8 to 10. The concert is scheduled for Saturday, October 9 at 11:45 a.m. Hatsune’s creators will also be guests at the convention.

Looks like the online petition seems to be working. Let's see where is Miku going next time!

[Gachapoid] The Official Character Design

Gachapoid official character illustration that was suddenly released.
The software was released on the 8th of October.

2010年10月08日 16:18 投稿
Title: "Black Sun" - Gachapoid

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Happy Moe Day!!!

Moe (もえ・萌え): Literally meaning “to bud” and a pun on the homonym “to burn”. It is used among otaku to mean getting fired up for budding young beauties. A character described as moe today is an amalgam of Lolicon and Bishoujo features. Most are infantile and bright and have massive, wet, dog-like eyes. They can seem almost animal-like, alien, or androgynous. The appeal of moe features relates to childlike purity, so it should come as no surprise that moe characteristics tend to be younger than Kawaii Bishoujo schoolgirls. The lolicon image is now considered too “real”, and too sexual, so moe is used instead to define a fantasy love or desire.

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ミクAppendオリジナル曲PV付き 「Solitary queen」

2010年10月05日 20:02 投稿
Title: Solitary queen - Hatsune Miku Append
Music & Lyrics: ミュムP
Illustration & Movie: atsuki

【鏡音リン】ジュリエッタとロミヲ 【オリジナル曲】【初音ミク】

2010年10月05日 21:13 投稿
Title: "Julieta & Romiwo" - Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン)
Music & Lyrics: emon(Tes.)
Illustration: 大沼もん
Movie: シエル

【初音ミク】ローリンガール / Rolling Girl (Rock ver.)

Title: "Rolling Girl" - Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Lyrics: wowaka (現実逃避P)
Guitar: やよいちゃん
Bass: -nim- (地味侍)
Arrangement: as47
Illustration: shio konbu

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【初音ミク】Danca de Amor - para DIVA【ラテンハウス】

2010年10月04日 00:52 投稿
Title: "Danca de Amor - para DIVA" - Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Music: Rin(Gin),Rin(ぎん)
Illustration: tak-

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All Vocaloids Produced Til Today

First Line (Top):

From left to right:
- Sakine Meiko (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Nekomura Iroha (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Tako Luka (Fanmade Vocaloid)
- Tsukuyomi Shouta (Japanese Voiceroid)
- Tsukuyomi Ai (Japanese Voiceroid)
- VY1 Mizki (Japanese Vocaloid)

Second Line:

From left to right:
- Akita Neru (Fanmade Vocaloid)
- Yowane Haku (Fanmade Vocaloid)
- Leon (English Vocaloid)
- Lola (English Vocaloid)

Third Line:

From left to right:
- Hachune Miku (Fanmade Vocaloid)
- Tonio (English Vocaloid)
- Prima (English Vocaloid)
- Sweet Ann (English Vocaloid)
- Miriam (English Vocaloid)

Fourth Line:

From left to right:
- Kasane Teto (Fanmade Vocaloid)
- Lily (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Kamui Gakupo (Japanese Vocaloid)
- GUMI (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Miki (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Kaai Yuki (Japanese Vocaloid)

Fifth Line:

From left to right:
- KAITO (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Megurine Luka (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Hatsune Miku (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Hiyama Kiyoteru (Japanese Vocaloid)

Last Line:

From left to right:
- Big Al (English Vocaloid)
- Kagamine Len (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Kagamine Rin (Japanese Vocaloid)
- MEIKO (Japanese Vocaloid)
- Sonika (English Vocaloid)

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2010年10月01日 06:39 投稿
Title: Corruption Garden - Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ)
Music & Lyrics: Caz
Movie: IKEDA

【miki】  PICTURE  【オリジナル】

2010年09月28日 23:31 投稿
Title: "PICTURE" - miki(SF-A2開発コードmiki)
Music: M@SATOSHI(A_RukaP,あルカP)
Photo: hanna


2010年09月27日 19:44 投稿
Title: "hurt full love song" - miki(SF-A2開発コードmiki)
Music: hyton
Illustration: 春紀

【SF-A2 miki】 emergence 【オリジナル】

2010年09月29日 09:52 投稿
Title: "emergence" - miki(SF-A2開発コードmiki)
Music: ItachimaP(いたちまP)
Lyrics: さくらふみ
Illustration: 森田せらぎ