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【鏡音リン】 くつずれ 【オリジナル】

2010年04月28日 20:09 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Romaji title「Kutsuzure」 "shoe sore" - Kagamine Rin(鏡音リン)
Music: ISOP【-_-】
Illustration: eruri

【巡音ルカ】 エイリアン ―他の誰かになりたい― 【オリジナル】

2010年04月28日 20:15 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "Alien -I want to become other people-" - Megurine Luka(巡音ルカ)
Music: ISOP【-_-】
Illustration: 舘科


2010年04月30日 14:02 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Romaji title「Fukou Shoujo」"Unhappy girl" - Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Music: 102号室

【初音ミク】 my computer part II dark ver.【オリジナル】

2010年05月01日 02:59 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "my computer part II dark ver." - Hatsune Miku Append(初音ミク)
Music: temporu

[Miku Append] RELEASED TODAY!!!

The release of Miku Append Software is today! Make sure to get your original copy and enjoy making wonderful songs!

HERE you can find an entire album ("Miku Append Demo Songs", released on April 28th, 2010) of Miku Append song for FREE!!!

MIKU Append features six new voice libraries to choose from. These voices go by the names, soft, dark, solid, vivid, sweet, and light.

1. whoo - Yoru no Niji (D.B. used solid & sweet)
whoo used the fluffy softness that the sweet voice provides as he fell instantly in love with its sound. He paid particular attention to making sure she didn't sound too cute and was constantly tweaking her voice.

2. negoto - shoelace (D.B. used vivid)
Negoto uses the vivid voice library to add flavor to his chiptune song. This song differs in mood from most of his other songs and is like walking and finding something amazing on the ground. He brought that joyous mood to your speakers with this positive and upbeat chiptune track.

3. kous - Kagefumi (D.B. used dark & soft & sweet)

kous used the dark, soft and sweet sound packs in this song. The beginning of the song starts off dark, once the hook hits, it goes to soft and the back chorus uses the sweet voice. Kous thought that the voices in Append were very atmospheric so he tried to make a soft song to match.

4. k-shi - Watashi rashisa (D.B. used dark)

k-shi used the dark vocal library for "Watashi rashisa". In anticipation for Append, k-shi prepared a lot of songs. For this demo he decided to go about putting a voice to the music in a laid back fashion and thought dark would work the best. He wanted to show the level of emotion he could give to Hatsune Miku without any major tweaking.

5. Chiquewa - Chocolat (D.B. used sweet)

Wow! This is our favorite song over here at HearJapan and the longest song in this collection. Chiquewa used the sweet voice library. It's a pop number that features a super sweet Hatsune Miku with a slightly unusual voice and is a perfect example of the direction Append can take poppy vocaloid songs. The lyrics were co-written with the female drummer Banda Shishou.

6. mojoP - Honey bee! (D.B. used Light)

mojoP wanted to use a light voice for a light chorus effect.

This download will be removed from HearJapan at the end of May. Miku Append & D.B. image Logo by Naoya Miyadai (opticalflats).

Miku: My chest wasn't appended to, huh.
Haku: No... I think it was... ... Maybe... just a bit...

Good Luck with your creations!

【鏡音レン】 ギターレス 【オリジナル】

2010 年04月28日 20:56 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "Guitar less" - Kagamine Len(鏡音レン)
Music: ISOP 【-_-】
Illustration: 【Lico】

【初音ミクAppend】 AGE 【オリジナル】

2010年04月30日 16:18 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "AGE" - Miku HATSUNE Append(初音ミク)
Music: M@SATOSHI (A_RukaP. あルカP)
Illustration: ume
Background: 近衛ミノル

【めぐっぽいど】 底辺鉄道 【オリジナル】

2010年04月28日 21:25 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Romaji title 「Teihen Tetsudou」 "underclass railroad" - GUMI / Megpoid (メグッポイド)
Music: ISOP【-_-】
Illustration: 雪乃 ~setsu~


2010年04月29日 11:32 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "ARiA" - Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Lyrics: Iino, toku & kionachi
Music: toku
Guitar: sleepwalker
Bass: ORYO
Illustration: refeia
Logo & Graphic design: kionachi
Movie Director: sleepwalker
Produced by: toku

【初音ミク】 CLOUDY 【オリジナル曲 / SWANTONE】

2010年04月29日 16:31 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "CLOUDY" - Hatsune Miku(初音ミク)
Music: en
Illustration: anko (あんこ)

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2010年04月27日 23:10 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Romaji title 「Kuchinashi no Hana」 - Hatsune Miku(初音ミク)
Music: kous
Illustration: umu (うむ)


2010年04月28日 04:20 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "YZX" - Hatsune Miku(初音ミク)
Music: centrevillage (HakoneP. 箱根P)

【初音ミク】 relation key 【オリジナル】

2010 年04月28日 11:01 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "relation key" - Hatsune Miku(初音ミク)
Music: river
Illustration: kitchy55

[Kagamine Rin] Aku No Musume Nendoroid

From Sega, here is a Trading Figure of Kagamine Rin as the Aku No Musume (Daughter of Evil).

She is a Sega Vocaloid Vignetteum Cute figure version (like Po Pi Po Miku). She's made of PVC, has 60 mm (2.34 inches) of height and she's available since December 2009. She costs 680 yen ($7.23 or 5.46€).

2008年04月06日 20:26 投稿
【鏡音リン】 悪ノ娘 【中世物語風オリジナル】
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "Aku No Musume" The Daughter of Evil - Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン)
Music, Lyric & PV: mothy (

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[KAITO, Len, Gakupo] VanaN'Ice Album

If you are a huge fan of Imitation Black, Fate: Rebirth and Paranoid Doll, here is some treat for you: a hole album of SCL Project feat. VanaN'Ice musics! 12 great musics with our male vocaloids as vocals: Kagamine Len, KAITO and Kamui Gakupo.

HERE is the download link for the VanaN'Ice album. Enjoy!!

2009年06月01日 05:33 投稿
【神威がくぽ KAITO 鏡音レン】「IMITATION BLACK」オリジナル曲【PV付】
Illustration & Movie: 春アキ
Guitar & Mix: haku
Lyric & Music: natsu

【神威がくぽ】「Paranoid Doll」オリジナル曲【PV付】

2009年07月22日 05:07 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "Paranoid Doll" - Kamui Gakupo (神威がくぽ)
Music & Lyric: natsu
Guitar, Bass & Drums: haku
Arrange: natsu & haku
Illustration & Movie: 春アキ

[Hatsune Miku] 1/8 Figure Chain Girl ver.

Presenting a limited figure of Hatsune Miku by RINGO: The Chain Girl ver. 1/8 Scale Figure. It is available since November 2009.

Image in which the figure was inspired.

2009年10月26日 05:03:21 に投稿
【初音ミク】 鎖の少女 【オリジナル】
Lyrics, Arranger & Composer: NoboruP
PV: Glasscore
Illustration: Ukai Isago Ju

【巡音ルカ】 New Romancer 【オリジナル】

2010年04月26日 23:54 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "New Romancer" - Megurine Luka(巡音ルカ)
Music: MentaiRocker (明太Rocker)
Illustration & Move: Achikoaco (あちこあこ)

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[Hatsune Miku] "World is Mine" 1/7 Resin Figure by Hobby Max

From the Manufacturer Hobby Max, here is an excellent master piece sculpted by Kiking. It is a 1/7 scale "World is Mine" Hatsune Miku, based on the illustration by masuchi.

She is gorgeous...

Both "World is Mine" figures: on the left is Hatsune Miku "The World is Mine" Vocal Series 1/8 Scale Figure w/ Frame by Good Smile Company; on the right is Hatsune Miku "World is Mine" 1/7 Resin Figure by Hobby Max.

This is the illustration by masuchi.

Photos by kuroken912... You made her even more appealing!!

All the pieces and prototype models that made this piece of fine art possible!

And here is a fan "World is Mine" PV made by kurokosan. She really looks like "World is Mine" Miku! I find her fanmade PVs just awesome, don't you agreed?

【巡音ルカ】 my computer part II Luka ver.【オリジナル】

2010年04月25日 18:18 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "my computer part II(ver.Luka)" - Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ)
Music: temporu


2010年04月25日 02:56 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Romaji title 「hanashi wo kikasete」"Please talk" - Hatsune Miku(初音ミク)
Music: centrevillage (HakoneP,箱根P)

【オリジナル曲】koe_wo (xime remix)

2010年04月24日 04:20 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Romaji title 「Koe wo(xime remix)」"The voice" - Hatsune Miku 初音ミク)
Music: centrevillage (HakoneP,箱根P)

【初音先輩】I'm alone【オリジナル曲】

2010年04月25日 21:17 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "I'm alone(Remaster)" - Hatsune Miku(初音ミク)
Music: jackson (TamaranP - たまらんP)
Illustration: meola


2010年04月26日 16:55 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Romaji title「Kime e no Kotoba」 "Words to you" -Kagamine Len (鏡音レン)
Music: mayuko

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2010年04月01日 20:41:29 投稿
Made by NicoNico User tk410 (

An entry for the 5th MMD competition! Good Luck!

[Hatsune Miku] Hatsune Miku Append Figure 2010.04.30

A quick check of the interwebs brought up nothing, besides the fact that the images were leaked on the sculptor's blog. But the pictures were enough to show that this is going to be yet another Vocaloid masterpiece from Max Factory. The pose, the hair, the colors... everything about her just screams "BUY ME!"

Now you may be wondering what scale she is, how much she will be, or the release date. Well, aside from the company making her and the sculptor (Masaki Apsy, who also sculpted most of the Figmas), there is little information floating around about Miku Append. Word on the street is that she will be given a full reveal on April 30th, so keep your eyes peeled for further info!

A video that I made to promote this gorgeous figure:


2010年04月25日 02:20 投稿
[VOCALOID][ORIGINAL] Title "Namenlos" - Luka MEGURINE(巡音ルカ)
Music: ●terapicos (● テラピコス)

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【MMD】うる星やつら ラムのラブソング/宇宙は大ヘンだ!

2010年04月10日 10:11 投稿
[MMD] [Urusei Yatsura] 1st OP Lum no Love Song/ 1st ED Big space is awkward!
Made by NicoNico User ミク星



2010年04月22日 19:43 投稿
[VOCALOID][GUMI]隠れオタクでごめんなさい[Kakure Otaku de Gomennasai] [Sorry for Being a Closet Geek]
Music: かたほとり (Katahotori-P)

初音ミク オリジナル曲『サクラノキセツ』

2010年04月23日 09:00 投稿
[VOCALOID] サクラノキセツ[Sakura no Kisetsu] Miku Hatsune [初音ミク]
Music: レミュー

ミラクルペイント【OSTER project feat. 初音ミク】(STEREO)

2007年11月22日 12:59
【OSTER project feat. 初音ミク】ミラクルペイント [miracle paint] Miku Hatsune [初音ミク]
Music: OSTER

Project DIVA PSP