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【鏡音リンレンAppend】 EVOLUTION 【オリジナル】

2010年12月29日 16:51 投稿
Title: "EVOLUTION" - Rin & Len KAGAMINE Append
Music: M@SATOSHI(A_RukaP,あルカP)
Illustration: にろ

【鏡音リンレン】moonlight Append Len Power and Rin Warm ver.【オリジナル】

2010年12月27日 23:55 投稿
Title: "moonlight Append Len Power and Rin Warm ver." - Rin & Len KAGAMINE Append
Music: temporu
Illustration: もち

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巡音ルカオリジナル DYE2

2010年12月28日 00:43 投稿
Title: DYE 2 - Megurine Luka
Music: AVTechNO!
Rebuild & Mix: Treow
Illustration: Kazune+Shizuka Kitajima
Produce & Mastering: Electrocutica

Welcome back AVTechNO!

[Kagamine Append] Release is Today!!

[Kagamine Rin & Len] Happy Birthday!!!

domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2010

[VY2] New Information about the Vocaloid

Some technical requirements for the software were revealed on vocaloidstore.com, such as:

Operating system: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Suggested Computer/Software Requirements: Pentium4 2GHz/Athlon XP 2000+


[VY1] iPad and iPhone Application [VY1t]

Yamaha announced a version of the Vocaloid software for the iPhone and iPad, which exhibited at the Y2 Autumn 2010 Digital Content Expo in Japan. VY1 was released recently in a adapted version of the Vocaloid software "iVocaloid" for the iPad and iPhone as "VY1t".


While this version has limited capablities, but at the price of ¥1,800 for the iPad and ¥350 for the iPhone has made this the cheapest version of the Vocaloid software currently on sale. This version of the software has only been released in Japanese and there is no known details on if a english version will be released or if any other Vocaloids will be released on this format for that matter. Those wishing to purchase this software must also have a Japanese chip on their iPad or iPhone to use this software.

sábado, 25 de dezembro de 2010

[Project DIVA] Dreamy Theater 2nd!!!

"Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Dreamy Theater 2nd" for the Playstation 3 was confirmed by SEGA.

Oh my god, will you at these graphs... 8D

Like the previous installment, Dreamy Theater 2nd will allow owners of the Project DIVA 2nd PSP game to play their save data on the PS3 through high-definition visuals.

It is slated for release in Summer 2011.

[VOCALO Revolution] Original Character "CUL" Revealed [VY1]

"VOCALO Revolution" is a new TV program that is dedicated to presenting the cultural aspect of Vocaloid and its impact in the music scene. It will include interviews with the creators of the software, music producers, and their fans. The show will also take a look at some of the latest Vocaloid PVs from your favorite virtual idols.

The official website for "VOCALO Revolution" revealed the design of its own original character named CUL — who will be using the VY1 voicebank. CUL will be singing the program’s ending theme, "CUL makes Revolution!". The song features music by 164 with lyrics by hirotoP. An MMD video for the ending, produced by masatakaP, has already been released to the public. You can check out the video below.

"VOCALO Revolution" is scheduled to air on January 3rd, 2011 (23:00~23:55) on KBS.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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[GUMI] Extend - the Future of Megpoid

Following the success of Crypton's Append, Internet Co., Ltd has confirmed Gumi will recieve a "Megpoid Extend" edition in 2011. The new Extend will add several vocal expressions to the original voice bank although further details remain unknown.

[KAITO] New KAITO on the way!

Crypton announced that they are developing a new production of Kaito on twitter. Recording of Naoto Fuuga's voice started on Dec. 9th, 2010. Several voicebanks of different expressions like the Appends have been produced for the product. There are four expressions empirically under development; temporarily "Mellow", "Sweet", "Solid" and "Power".

[Megurine Luka] Append - The Future of Luka

Luka was confirmed in early 2010 by Crypton Future Media via Twitter to have a Append planned like the other members of the Character Vocal series. Recording was scheduled for autumn 2010 to begin. Nothing is known about the Append other then a few samples were recorded when the Kagamine Append voicebanks were already in production.

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2010年12月11日 00:27 投稿
Title: "Do you hear this?" - Utatane Piko
Movie: aim

【歌愛ユキ】『crushed Mary』

2010年12月15日 08:41 投稿
Title: "crushed Mary" - Yuki Kaai
Music: mondaiji(問題児)


2010年12月11日 02:15 投稿
Title: "Meteor Words" - Utatane Piko
Illustation & Movie: Romilio
Encoding & Production: aim

sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010

[Kagamine Append] The final artwork is revealed!

Crypton has updated the site today, revealing the official illustration for the Kagamine Append.

Also, the Append software has been made known to be released on December 27th 2010 (matching with their birthday) at a price of 16,800 yen. AmiAmi is taking reservations for it currently.

quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

【歌愛ユキ】innocent girl【オリジナルグランプリ曲PV】

2010年12月06日 20:09 投稿
Title: "innocent girl" - Kaai Yuki
Music: KagomeP
Lyrics: Ippei Yoshino
Logo Design: mikepochi
Movie: rlldi

[Utatane Piko] Welcome!

2010年12月08日 18:51
Title: "Piko Piko☆Legend of the Night" - Utatane Piko
Music: SAM(samfree)

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[Hiyama Kiyoteru, Kaai Yuki & SF-A2 miki] HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

2010年04月04日 19:42 投稿
Title: HAPPY BIRTHDAY☆ - SF-A2 miki

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[AVTechNO] KAT-TUN Song's Alleged Plagiarism

On November 30th, popular Vocaloid producer AVTechNO! removed all of his videos from Nico Nico Douga without explanation.

The plot thickened when a post was made that strongly implied the video removal was connected to the shock he felt while investigating comments that pointed out very strong similarities between his hit song “DYE” and a new song by popular J-pop group KAT-TUN. Later twitter posts by Treow would affirm that this was not the reason, or rather, the reason was related to stress, and that the videos would be back.

This didn’t stop people from realizing what had happened: it certainly appeared that the composers for KAT-TUN’s song “Never x Over” had stolen very recognizable parts of “DYE”.

Even though the video for “Never x Over” on youtube has been put on private (you can guess the reason), you can still judge the similarities for yourself: someone took the first minute of DYE and overlapped it with the first minute of “Never x Over”.


【DYE】 Megurine Luka

The story of possible plagiarism has been steadily gaining ground, with a blurb written about it on Yahoo News, as well as mixi, and although their handle on Vocaloid knowledge seems to be shaky. Comments range from total Vocaloid newcomers asking what Vocaloid is, to people placing the blame on KAT-TUN, to people trying to remain neutral on the matter.

AVTechNO has yet to comment on this subject further. However, with all of the attention the matter is currently getting, he might have a chance of proving he’s been wronged, if he so desired.

Perhaps in response to all of this attention, “DYE” has risen to 57th place on iTunes Japan, and it has reached 2nd place in Amazon.jp MP3 downloads (here).